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Home is Where the Heart is - Meet the Delaney’s


Before starting with J.D. Irving, Limited 15 years ago, John Delaney, Director of Human Resources Shared Services, could regularly be found catching a flight to Toronto as part of his commute to work. Having grown up and raised a family here, Saint John, New Brunswick had always held a special place in his heart and moving away to shorten the commute was simply not an option.

 John and Liz Delaney


John was beginning to feel the pressure to relocate when serendipitously -- on a routine trip to Toronto -- John found himself seated beside an old friend he grew up with. As they chatted, John learned he did not need to travel so far to find the level of work he was looking for.

“You can do that in the Maritimes, right here at JDI,” said his friend.

Two weeks later they grabbed a lunch and began discussing John’s new role at JDI.

15 years later, John is proud to be working for a company with deep family roots in Saint John as he welcomes his niece, Elizabeth Delaney as a summer student.

Elizabeth, a second year Accounting student at St. Francis Xavier University, knew she wanted to return to Saint John this summer however was hesitant about applying for positions in Accounting. She wasn’t sure she had enough experience and could find the right opportunity.

“I was going to wait until my third year of university to start applying for internships because I didn’t think I was ready, but a woman writing her CPA presented to one of my classes and said ‘why not just go for it?’”.

Feeling inspired, she decided to apply for several jobs but after speaking with her uncle, believed JDI would be the best fit.

“I’m glad Liz chose JDI, because I think we have opportunity for her and she has the potential,” says John.

Elizabeth says her confidence has grown exponentially since working with the company as she has been able to apply her learned classroom skills in a hands-on work environment. Elizabeth is looking forward to applying what she has learned in the classroom this Fall.

Having been enjoying family dinners and events now that she has been able to see her family more this summer than in the past, she adds she has a new appreciation for being close to family and building a routine.

John says he always encourages Elizabeth to work hard and pave her own path, regardless of where it may lead. But, as she prepares to return to Nova Scotia to complete her studies, Elizabeth is beginning to think following her uncle’s footsteps and returning to Saint John, New Brunswick may be the right path for her.



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