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Irving Nature park Celebrates 5 Millionth Visitor!

Since the park’s opening in June of 1992, the Irving Nature Park has been a popular spot with the people of New Brunswick and visitors alike. On July 27th, 2016, we welcomed our 5 millionth visitor into the park. Lorelle Nason has enjoyed the park for years, travelling in from Grand Bay on a daily basis to walk the trails. Lorelle was presented with a special Irving Nature Park gift package.

“I have enjoyed walking the Irving Nature Park since the 80's with my family and have also participated in many school trips with our children. There are so many things I enjoy about this park. The park features sightings of chirping birds and the many animals that live there, lush trees, rugged cliffs, the constant sound of the crashing waves, tidal changes and the scent and spray of the ocean. Saint John is so very fortunate to have such a beautiful park for everyone to enjoy.” said Lorelle.  

J.D. Irving, Limited, the Irving Nature Park (INP), and the Irving Eco-Centre: La Dune de Bouctouche invite you to join us this summer at the award-winning Irving Nature Park in Saint John, New Brunswick and the Irving Eco-Centre in Bouctouche, New Brunswick. Both of our parks are hosting fun-filled events for the whole family throughout the summer season.

Thank you Lorelle, and the 4,999,999 others who have helped make the Irving Nature Park a favourite place to walk, run, and enjoy!

  5 Millionth Visitor
Lorelle Nason, 5 millionth visitor, pictured with Maintenance Lead Stan Simpson and Site Manager Alex Fox.


Interested in visiting the Irving Nature Park? The park is open daily from 8AM to 8PM. Visit our online schedule of events to check out upcoming activities at the park. Our next event is taking place Saturday, August 27th.

In the Bouctouche area this weekend? Plan a visit to our Eco-Centre, La dune de Bouctouche. Not only can you enjoy the beautiful landscape this area has to offer, but we also have free events taking place every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. For more information, visit our schedule of events.

About The Irving Nature Park

The Irving Nature Park is a 600 acre (243 hectare) site created by J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) to help protect an environmentally significant area. Just minutes from downtown Saint John, this special part of the Fundy coastline is a place where everyone can come and experience the various ecosystems of the Southern New Brunswick coastline. For more information on the Irving Nature Park, click here.

About The Irving Eco-Centre

La dune de Bouctouche is located on the Northumberland Strait of New Brunswick, just minutes north of the town of Bouctouche, the dune offers a blend of recreational opportunities and learning experiences for anyone who wants to enjoy its special beauty that stretches 12 kilometers across the Bouctouche Bay. Park upkeep and educational programs are fully funded by J.D. Irving, Limited. For more information on the Irving Eco-Centre at La dune de Bouctouche, click here.