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Join One, Grow With Many: Transportation Edition


Brittany McGraw is an HR Business Partner with our Transportation Division, and our first #CoolJob feature of 2020!

 Brittany McGraw 2020


Since joining JDI in 2014, Brittany has held a number of positions in both Marketing and HR. Over the last 18 months, she has taken on the division's Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) portfolio, leading our Divisional Diversity and Inclusion Committee and Women Driving Forward Initiatives, and participating in community partnerships. In her own words:

When did you join JDI and how has your career progressed from there?  

I joined JDI after graduation in 2014 as a Marketing Coordinator. I spent two years in marketing and communications and during that time I was exposed to and worked closely with different HR groups in the organization. It was during that time I realized I had an interest in the HR world and I haven’t looked back since.

What is your current role? 

HR Business Partner with ITS Division – primarily supporting RST Sunbury and Universal Truck and Trailer.

What made you want to take on diversity and inclusion (D&I)?  

D&I was passed on to me because it was part of my predecessor’s role. Initially, I was hesitant having had no prior experience in this area but I realized staying focused on moving the needle, whether it be a larger initiative or a quick hit, means progress will happen. 

Can you summarize the different diversity & inclusion initiatives you’re currently owning? 

I lead the Divisional Diversity and Inclusion Committee which includes representatives from each of the businesses within our Transportation & Logistics team. The group has made significant progress over the last year – participating in numerous Conferences focused on D&I (Husky Energy, Women with Drive,and more.); participating in community partnerships such as New Boots,  the Skilled Trades Exploration Program for Women (STEPW) , and Techsploration;  hosting Diversity-themed team building events; and, attending  and supporting community events (including Women in Business Series, YWCA Gala, etc.). I am also co-leading Women Driving Forward, a Divisional initiative which aims to recruit, retain, and promote women in the Transportation industry. The group is open to both men and women and hosts guest speakers, book clubs, networking events and more.

Why do these initiatives matter? 

It’s important that as a company we are always raising the bar and challenging the status quo. Diversifying the workplace and promoting inclusive workplaces enriches the organization’s culture. Diverse employees bring a wider ranger of skills, perspectives, ideas and ultimately lead to a more engaged workforce and better business performance.

What future state do you hope to work toward?  

I want to continue to see excitement and enthusiasm around our D&I initiatives. I want to see more women driving trucks and trains, more diversity in our businesses, more cultural backgrounds in our operations, and more ideas and initiatives evolve because of these differences. 

How has JDI contributed to your career growth and success? 

JDI has provided me with many opportunities to develop professionally. I’ve worked in different fields, across different businesses, and have had amazing mentors along the way. My work days have involved offshore supply vessels, trucks, trains, and everything in between. Every day is different and every day I learn something new from my colleagues and leaders.

Opportunities Await! 

We often say "Join One, Grow With Many" in relation to joining J.D. Irving, Limited, and over her career, Brittany has done exactly that! Explore your potential next steps here: