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Gulf Operators Participates in the "Earn As You Learn" Program through the Marshall Skills Academy

Zach McAdam began his career at Gulf Operators in 2022 as a survey assistant. The sky is the limit just one year later, thanks to the support of his manager and a spot in the inaugural class of the Earn As You Learn program (EAYL).

Participants in the EAYL program, like Zach, will have the opportunity to gain paid work experience and earn fully funded qualifications across four distinct programs, ranging from eight-week micro-credentialing fundamentals courses all the way to a master’s program. This is possible through the UK-based Marshall Skills Academy partnering with the New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) and the University of New Brunswick (UNB) with the support of Working NB and the New Brunswick Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training & Labour.

During the first phase of Zach’s educational journey, he will be attending eight weeks of class to obtain his first manufacturing technology block, the curriculum of which includes workplace safety, quality control and firsthand manufacturing trades experience. Then, he will transition to a four-day workweek with Gulf Operators and study one day per week for the next three years. Upon completion, he will obtain his Manufacturing Engineering Technology diploma from NBCC — having earned a regular paycheque and providing for his family along the way.

"Thanks to Gulf Operators and the Marshall Skills Academy, I've been able to pursue post-secondary education without the added financial stress. It makes managing a healthy work, study, and life balance possible," said Zach. 

"It allows me to achieve the best grades I've ever had while still being able to provide for my family."

If he chooses, Zach can pursue even higher education at the university level. All graduates of Marshall’s and NBCC’s diploma courses are eligible to proceed to the UNB Bachelor of Industrial Technology program. Further still, he could undertake a Master of Industrial Systems Engineering. This one pathway could take Zach to the highest levels of education and training.

David Cummings, Gulf Operators’ Survey Manager, recommended Zach for the Marshall Academy program. David regularly works with Gulf Operators’ summer students and is excited to mentor Zach long-term in the EAYL pilot program over the next few years.

“At Gulf Operators, we believe that our partnership with the Marshall Academy will help us develop our current employees into the next steps of their careers, helping us attract, grow, and retain new talent by showing our commitment to the development of our employees,” said David. 

“Training the next generation of employees for our organization is something I take great pride in.”

The EAYL program is as beneficial for Gulf Operators as it is for Zach. In an era defined by rapid technological advancement, the demand for skilled workers in the technology field has never been higher. Gulf Operators, like many companies, is grappling with the need to cultivate a workforce equipped to tackle the challenges of the current construction industry. Through the EAYL program, Zach, David, and Gulf Operators will grow together for years to come.



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Gulf Operators is a leader in civil construction and is one of the largest producers of high-quality aggregate in Atlantic Canada. It has been servicing customers in the New Brunswick region since 1983. Gulf Operators’ expertise includes renewable energy and wind projects, refinery infrastructure, marine terminals, lagoons, landfills, dam construction and restoration, rail line construction, industrial projects, underground services, and road construction.

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